Ready for feedback on that manuscript you’ve been working on for years?

The problem is, what kind of feedback—and when?

Writing a book is a long process with many ups and downs. I know, I’ve published a dozen, and it doesn’t get any easier! At different times along the way I always look for feedback from trusted readers. I have a community of authors and coaches to turn to, which is truly a blessing.

But not all writers have that, at least, not at first. (Which is partly why I love coaching writers at all stages of the process.)

Whether or not you choose to work with a coach, though, you will need feedback. And it’s rarely a good idea to look to non-writer friends and family for that. You need feedback you can trust and that helps you move on to the next stage.

I created this handy resource to help you decide what kind of feedback you’re ready for. It’s yours, free, when you join my community of readers and writers.

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