Susanne Dunlap

Author & Book Coach

Let’s get that novel you’ve been dreaming of out of your head
and onto the page!

I have two overriding passions: writing historical fiction and romance, and coaching other writers to achieve their dreams of writing books they can be proud of.

As a writer, I’m the award-winning author of 14 historical novels. As a coach, I’ve worked with dozens of writers at all stages of the process—from conception, to drafting, to revision, to pitching.

I also offer in-depth workshops and courses on a variety of craft topics.

Below is the program I normally recommend starting with when I work 1:1 with writers. I also offer manuscript evaluations on a case-by-case basis, and ongoing monthly coaching as you draft or revise your manuscript.

What’s right for you? Let’s have a conversation and find out!

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Discover, Draft,
Dare to Succeed!

A 3-deadline, 1:1 coaching program for writers
who want to get their best book written—and into readers’ hands!

You’ve read all the books. You’ve attended the webinars and the workshops. You’ve gone to the writing conferences. Maybe you even have a critique group. But somehow all that isn’t getting you where you want to be with your book.

It’s time to take the next step, and work with a seasoned professional. And this program could be just what you’ve been looking for. 

Are you ready to
Discover, Draft,
and Dare to Succeed?

If any of these describe you, chances are you’re more than ready:

👉🏻 You’ve got an idea and (maybe) a start on your manuscript—but you need some input to take it further.

👉🏻  You’ve begun writing in a flurry of inspiration and enthusiasm—and gotten stuck partway through, not sure how to move forward.

👉🏻 You have a complete manuscript that you know needs to be revised—but you’re not sure how to get beyond just tinkering with words on the page.

“The wisest thing I’ve ever done was to recruit Susanne Dunlap to be my book coach. She helped get me out of my rut and writing again. She helped me to see what my book was about, and where it could begin … and end. In short, she helped me to see the path forward, and will help to keep me on that path. Susanne is a wonderfully intuitive editor, but more importantly, she well understands both the writing and publishing process. I highly recommend her!” 

Sandra Gulland, Author of the internationally bestselling Josephine B. Trilogy

What do I bring to the table—as an author and a book coach?

I know how hard—and rewarding—it is to create a novel from your first inkling to holding a published book in your hands. I’ve worked with big-five publishers, hybrid publishers, and I’ve self-published too. No matter which path you choose, I can help you write a book you can be proud of.

I specialize in historical fiction, historical romance, and multiple timeline fiction—as you can see from the picture here. But storytelling is storytelling, and I’ve worked with dozens of aspiring and accomplished authors writing mystery, memoir, fantasy, and thrillers, in addition to historical novels and historical romance, helping them write the book of their heart.

Here’s what this intensive, 1:1 program can do for you:

Help you dig deep into character motivations, beliefs, misbeliefs, wants, and needs.

Put your plot to the test for logic and narrative drive.

Give you a way to troubleshoot the messy middle—or avoid it altogether.

Offer you a view of your whole story that will help you stay motivated and dedicated
as you complete your draft or revision.

In short, help you achieve your novel-writing dreams!

Program Price:


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