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The Portraitist: A novel of Adelaide Labille-Guiard
Coming August 30
from She Writes Press!

“Deeply researched and imagined, The Portraitist offers a fascinating and dramatic plunge into the world of a brilliant female artist struggling to make her mark before and during the turbulent and treacherous era of the French Revolution. I loved this novel.”

-Sandra Gulland,

internationally best-selling author of THE JOSEPHINE B. TRILOGY

Impeccably researched, rich with period detail . . . Dunlap brings to life the little-known true story of Adélaïde Labille-Guiard. A stunning story of determination, talent, and reversals of fortune. As a lifelong Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun fan, I am now questioning my allegiances!”

-Lauren Willig

Bestselling author of THE SUMMER COUNTRY and BAND OF SISTERS

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BASED ON A TRUE STORY, this is the tale of Adélaïde Labille-Guiard’s fight to take her rightful place in the competitive art world of eighteenth-century Paris.

With a beautiful rival who’s better connected and better trained than she is, Adélaïde faces an uphill battle from the very beginning of her painting career. Still, she eventually gains entrance to the elite Académie Royale, after which she manages to earn a royal appointment and even receive a massive commission from a member of the royal family.

But the timing couldn’t be worse: it’s 1789, and with the fall of the Bastille Adélaïde’s world is turned upside down by political chaos and revolution. With danger around every corner in her beloved Paris, she must find a way adjust to the new order, carving out a life and a career all over again—and somehow stay alive in the process.