Susanne Dunlap

Author & Book Coach

Award-Winning Author
of Historical Fiction

Author Accelerator
Certified Book Coach

I help writers dig down to find the heart and soul of the story buried in their research or stuck in their head, and craft it into a manuscript that will keep readers turning the pages.

Whether you’re at the very beginning with an idea that won’t let you go, stuck in the middle and uncertain how to move forward, or starting a revise and feeling thoroughly daunted, I have tools and a process designed to help you achieve your writing goals so you can finish a book you’re proud of—and that people will want to read.

“I’ve published a number of works of historical fiction, but each time I begin to write the next novel, it’s like beginning all over again. That was especially so for this last one, my seventh. I was spinning my wheels, not getting anywhere, lost in a thicket of doubt and confusion. The wisest thing I’ve ever done was to recruit Susanne Dunlap to be my book coach. She helped get me out of my rut and writing again. She helped me to see what my book was about, and where it could begin … and end. In short, she helped me to see the path forward, and will help to keep me on that path. Susanne is a wonderfully intuitive editor, but more importantly, she well understands both the writing and publishing process. I highly recommend her!” 

Sandra Gulland, author of the internationally bestselling Josephine B. Trilogy

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