12-Deadline Coaching Package

This coaching package for writers drafting a historical novel is a collaborative relationship built on trust and mutual respect. As a multi-published historical novelist, I know all aspects of what goes into drafting a novel that works as fiction and still honors its historical basis. Coaching like this can help at the beginning of a project, when you’re stuck in the middle of a manuscript and you don’t know where to go, and after you’ve completed a manuscript that you’re ready to dig into and revise.

This package starts with the Fiction Blueprint and then progresses to deadlines where you submit pages (up to 25 each deadline). It includes an hour-long intake call, and 12 deadlines with 12 half-hour coaching calls.


Tell me about your project and let’s have a conversation.

Before we decide to work together, I’d like to get to know you and your work—and give you an opportunity to get to know me as well. The coaching relationship is personal. Not all coaches are right for all writers. If we’re not suited, through my Author Accelerator network I can help connect you with a coach who might be more of a fit. To get started, please complete the questionnaire at the link below.

“I had already researched the time period, gotten my facts in order, and drafted an entire middle grade historical novel. But as a first-time writer, I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Susanne’s experience in the publishing industry and her own success as a writer of multiple historical novels made her a perfect match for my niche. She helped me to tighten the story, create better scenes, and yet never lose my own voice. She is truthful, but kind, and has guided me chapter by chapter to create a more engaging story.”

-Sarah Fjellanger